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This section tells you how your company can expect to benefit from the services I make offer.
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As with most small companies, either you do everything yourself or you hire out the work you are not fully qualified to do or simply don't have time to do.

Even I contract some work out! ...and yes it costs money!

However, I operate a simple principle in my small business that I like to share with my clients. Really it's an open secret, and it's this....

If your marketing budget is being focused correctly it will make you more money than it costs.

I use it in my business and it works for me - so it will work for you too

It is by applying this principle many of my clients stay with me for years - I work hard for them and ensure that they are fully satisifed with the promotion or fundraising work I do. So, instead of spending time looking for new clients I can get on with the work that they shouldn't need to be doing, which is getting them new business and help them make money!

  • By building your website I will incorporate SEO best practices to have it rank high in organic search results. By analysing your website, I will identify changes that when made achieve the same objective. --- These results can be objectively measured and shown to work!

  • Many search engines, including Google and Bing!, offer paid placement in their top results (sponsored). I will manage your paid placement program subject to your budget with key-phrases chosen to reach your target audience at click-through fees that actually make business sense.

  • Links to your site, as well as links from your site, can have a major impact on your online success. I employ linking strategies with industry and association websites in order to bring in more traffic, and increase your authority on the web.

  • I offer a comprehensive plan developed specifically to increase online sales for web merchants. With extensive research, innovative strategies, and regular monitoring, sales increases are possible for you through your website.



Here are some of the real artists I have had the honour of working with.

Keith Salmon

Independent Artist
I have been working continuously with John & Pixel Marketing Corp. since 2008.

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